Privacy Policy

It is Dr. Boli’s policy not to care who you are. This site does not accept advertising, so it does not set cookies to track you. If you leave a comment, you have to fill in an email address, but it can be a false one. We do not keep your IP address: all IP addresses are anonymized. If you check the box to have your information saved for future comments, a cookie is set in your browser that does nothing else and expires in a year. Your information will not be sold, because we don’t have it.

What Is This Place?

There is a certain amusing dissonance about a site on the Web whose theme is writing by making marks on paper. But that is not the only dissonance you will find here. This is a supplement to Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine, and we’ll have long digressions on random subjects, instructional articles about writing instruments, and even poetry—but everything will be written out on paper, and only then published to the electronic world at large.